About us

Adult Education Centre Kouvola is the leading and most versatile adult vocational training centre in the area of Kymenlaakso. We have c. 3700 students involved in various training activities annually. The Centre is maintained by a foundation and employs about 100 people.

Our business idea is to develop, market and put into practise high quality adult education and services needed by students and economic life as well as to support lifelong learning.

Vocational Adult Education Centre Kouvola offers a wide range of learning and training opportunities for individuals and work teams to enhance their skills. Our education programmes focus on skills and expertise that are essential in the modern working life.

Vocational Adult Education Centre Kouvola is an expert in the education fields of automotive and logistics, construction and metal work, commerce and services, hotel, restaurant and catering, well being, nursing and sports, immigrant integration training.

We invest in development work as well: continuous improvement, co-operation with working life partners and an international element are essential in our vocational education development work.

For businesses we offer a number of different services nationally and internationally.