Services for individuals

Vocational Adult Education Centre Kouvola is an expert in the education fields of automotive and logistics, construction and metal work, commerce and services, hotel, restaurant and catering, well being, nursing and sports, immigrant integration training.

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Services for business

Tailored education programs for companies, competency & qualification mapping, co-operation in multiple development projects, consultancy in various fields and more services for business!

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Perävaunut ja trailerit

Veto-Juhta perävaunut ja trailerit sekä huollon saat Aikuiskoulutuskeskuksesta!

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About us

Adult Education Centre Kouvola is the leading and most versatile adult vocational training centre in the area of Kymenlaakso.

We have c. 3700 students involved in various training activities annually. The Centre is maintained by a foundation and employs about 100 people.

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Our services

We offer a vast variety of services for both individual customers and businesses.

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